Father’s Day Mobile Purchases Increased 94%


Purchasing trends around life milestones and retail holidays continue to shift further toward mobile. In 2015, Valentine’s Day mobile purchases accounted for 23% of all online sales (a 35% increase from 2013), and 24% of Mother’s Day online purchases were made via mobile (a 43% increase from 2013). This massive shift toward mobile shopping was further supported when Google altered its algorithm in April 2015 to reward mobile-friendly sites on mobile searches.

Indeed, the online industry is rapidly moving toward widespread mobile consumption –– a trend that was only bolstered by the most recent Father’s Day retail data.

Father’s Day mobile purchases accounted for more than 25% of all online sales.
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This year, Father’s Day mobile purchases increased nearly 94% from 2014 –– accounting for more than 25% of all online sales. These findings were echoed in comScore Inc.’s presentation at IRCE this year, which found that after hovering around 11% for several quarters, mobile sales as a percent of total online sales jumped to 13% in Q4 2014, then increased again to 15.4% in Q1 of this year. Q2 numbers have yet to be seen, but both Mother’s and Father’s day data suggests that mobile shopping percentages as a whole have well-surpassed Q1’s 15%.

“Mobile shopping has exploded,” said Andrew Lipsman, vice president, marketing and insights, for Internet traffic research firm comScore Inc. “It has absolutely exploded and overtaken desktop.”

Desktop purchasing does still reign supreme at 85% of total digital purchases.
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Desktop purchasing does still reign supreme at 85% of total digital purchases. Mobile commerce surges ahead of desktop, however, in terms of time spent shopping, with mobile accounting for 59% of online shopping time in the first quarter of 2015, compared with 41% for desktop. In addition, mobile’s share of retail spend increased 53% year-over-year in Q1, compared with increases of 9% for desktop retail ecommerce and 2% for total discretionary retail spending overall.

Desktop Shopping is Still King

Historically, consumers have simply been more comfortable shopping on desktop –– on which screens are larger and you’re less likely to accidentally click off your checkout page. Lipsman noted at IRCE that 50% of consumers find smartphones more difficult to use than desktops, while 47% find tablets more difficult to use. By comparison, 14% of consumers said smartphones were easier than desktops for online shopping; 17% said tablets were easier to use.

50% of consumers find smartphones more difficult to use than desktops.
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This is all changing, though, as smartphone screens get bigger and generational shifts occur, putting those raised on technology at the helm. Millennials are the first such generation, and studies have already shown that they spend more online than any other demographic.

To put this into perspective, remember these four interesting facts driving the current increase in popularity of mobile commerce:

  1. Viewing habits: People are spending more time on their phones than ever before –– at an average of three hours a day, which is more than they spend watching TV.
  2. Increased comfort: Consumers are — for the first time — spending nearly as much on mobile orders as they do on desktop orders, as a result of a growing sense of comfort with mobile shopping.
  3. Build it and they will come: Most of the major retailers now have mobile-optimized ecommerce apps and/or mobile-responsive shopping experiences.
  4. Reinforcing behavior: Most retailers are training customers to shop mobile with earlier access to deals and even better discounts than online or in-store offers.

All of this data combines to make a strong business case for mobile-first strategies including mobile-local SEO, responsive websites and secure, convenient mobile checkout pages.

Celebrating Dad’s Advice in Business and Life

In total, shoppers spent an average of $108.29 per order for Father’s Day. Over here at Bigcommerce, clients had plenty of inspiration and gratitude to share for the men who guide them in business and life, whether that was included in their marketing campaigns or shared on our own social channels.

Shoppers spent an average of $108.29 per order for Father’s Day.
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We asked our client community to share their dad’s best business advice. Check out a few of the submissions below, and remember, with this much data, dad would probably advise you to make mobile a top priority for your business.

Celebrating the wisdom and inspiration passed down to help our entrepreneurs succeed in life and business

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