Announcing Excel School v2.0 – Quick intro and details inside

Do you want to learn Advanced Excel, data analysis, creative charting, dashboard reporting and be productive in Excel? Then you are going to love my Excel School v2.0.

This is the golden age of data. Any rewarding job or entrepreneurship requires good data literacy. We are all expected to understand the relevance of data, how to manage it, how to analyze it, visualize it and tell elegant stories.

This is where Excel School comes in.

Excel School online training program - become Awesome in Excel from Chandoo

It is a self-paced online course where you can learn how to use Excel to work with data & presentation challenges of the everything-is-connected-to-everything world we live in.

I have taken my most popular online class, Excel School and redesigned it from ground up to help you get most out of the good ol’ spreadsheet.

Doors open on 22nd August, 2018 – Wednesday

Excel School v2.0 is almost ready. enrolments for this advanced, in-depth and hands-on training open on 22nd August 2018. Keep watching for news on how to sign up.

… but meanwhile

Check out this brief introduction and sample of Excel School. Learn what is covered, how much the course tuition is, who is it for and sample of what you will gain. Check it out below.


Note to existing students & alumni of Excel School:

I have an exciting offer for you.

  • If you joined Excel School in last 3 months, you will be offered FREE upgrade to v2.0
  • If you joined more than 3 months ago, you get 50% discount on Excel School fees

Got questions? Fire away…

If you have any questions about this program, please ask them in the comments. I will help you.

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