Play spreadsheet soccer with Excel Penalty Game [VBA]

Excel soccer game - penalty shootout VBA game

We love spreadsheets. And of course, once every four years, we also get mad about soccer. So why not merge both in to one awesome, frivolous and fun thing: Introducing….

Excel soccer game

The best part is you don’t have to run up to play this. Set your aim and let RANDBETWEEN() decide your fate.

Check out a quick demo of the game below

demo - excel penalty shootout game in VBA


Download Excel Soccer Game – VBA File

Click here to download the game workbookEnable macros to enjoy it. View Code to see VBA code behind this game.  Go to “Calc” tab to explore the calculations.

How is this game created?

We use same ideas as discussed in Excel animated chart tutorial. Here is the brief outline of how I made this game.

  • This is just an XY Chart with images for ball, goal keeper and aim marker.
  • After user inputs the aim (X & Y) for where the ball should go, we generate a random position to which Goal Keeper will dive.
  • We then calculate 100 frames
    • Co-ordinates (x,y) for ball and goal keeper at each frame
  • When “Shoot” is clicked, we just run a for loop in VBA to pick 1 frame at a time and show
  • Oh yeah, some IF formulas to check if GK stopped the ball or not. If so, we stop the animation and show an image with goal keeper + ball.
  • Lastly, we update the scores and show the progress as a sparkline

As this is a technical bit, I made a small video explaining the process. Check it out below (or on Youtube channel)

That is all for now. Happy soccer & spreadsheets.

Want to play & learn:

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