Here Are 4 Easy Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Listings

We all know what we are looking for in a listing. Generally, it should include, at the very least, the address of the property, the price, a short description of its features, and some pictures. These are all indispensable when trying to make a good first impression, but it might not be enough.

If you want to get your property noticed and generate more leads, it’s important to remember that writing a good listing requires more than sticking to the basics.

So what makes a good-quality listing? Read on for the best tips on how to write listings which will help you turn home seekers into home buyers.

Use High-Quality Pictures to Make your Listing Stand Out

As good as your listing description might be, the first thing buyers look at is the photo gallery. This is why badly focused smartphone snaps just won’t cut it. A good way to ensure that viewers actually go through your entire listing is to invest in the quality of your pictures.

Besides purchasing a high-end camera, planning your photo shoots is also crucial. Take the time to find the best angles and the best light. Also, consider staging the home’s interior. Another way to make sure your pictures stand out is to hire a professional photographer to do the job for you.

Focus on Prospective Buyers’ Needs

Another great way to engage with potential customers is by addressing their specific needs. Imagine what is important for them and then emphasize those aspects in the description. For instance, first-time buyers might be interested in getting the best deal. You can start with a direct question, and then provide them with a list of more affordable properties or homes that saw a price drop in the past few weeks.

Also, providing these buyers with valuable information, such as the estimated mortgage of the property, a list of similar properties on the market or other useful facts about the local real estate climate is a great way to position yourself as an expert in the industry and build your reputation.

Pay Close Attention to the Flow of Your Descriptions

Highlighting key features of the property is a good way to attract viewers, but in order to make a listing really stand out, your description should also have good flow. Do some research, read other descriptions, see what you like and what you don’t and, most importantly, think about what you would like to read about if you were a prospective home buyer yourself. This helps to develop a structure, starting with the property’s most important features and ending with a description of the amenities that are nice to have, but are maybe less important.

Help Prospective Buyers Imagine their Future Home

If you’ve managed to keep home seekers interested thus far, make sure the rest of your description is relevant and valuable as well. Tell people about the specific features of the property you’re trying to sell, mention practical amenities and don’t go overboard with generic phrases like ”the home of your dreams.”

Instead, help your potential customers imagine themselves enjoying their new home by using phrases like ”cozy back deck to enjoy summer sunsets” and you’ll be one step closer to helping your clients and increasing your sales. One surefire way to pique buyers’ interest is by using engaging words that describe key aspects of the property. Terms such as spacious, open concept, or landscaped will help them imagine their future home. 


Just like a well-written narrative, the story of the house you’re trying to sell should help buyers picture it. And while using impressive, over-the-top phrases seems like the obvious path to take, it is better to focus on writing creative, yet clear and comprehensible descriptions. While getting used to the specific vocabulary might take some time, on the long run, you’ll notice that it’s well worth the effort.

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