CP026: All about Excel [email protected]#$%^+/*(}][

In the 26th session of Chandoo.org podcast, let’s learn all about Excel [email protected]#$%^+/*(}][<.

I am talking about Excel operators, you silly.

All about Excel Operators - Chandoo.org Podcast - Session 26

What is in this session?

Do you know Excel has more than 25 operators? That is right. There are a variety of operators beyond the simple + – * and /.

In this podcast, let’s understand all about these operators and how to use them. You will learn,

  • Why there is a gap between last & this podcast session
  • About Excel operators
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Text operators
  • Reference operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Closing thoughts

Listen to this session

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Links & Resources on Excel operators & Formulas

Excel Dashboard Templates

Create awesome Excel dashboards from your raw data in few minutes - Introducing Chandoo.org Dashboard Templates

Transcript of this session:

Download this podcast transcript [PDF].

What are your favorite Excel operators?

My favorites are % ? * and []

What about you? What are your favorite operators and why? Please share your thoughts in comments.

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