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A quick announcement for you.

Only few hours left to join 50 ways to analyze your data course …

50 Ways to analyze data - an online training program from

As you may know, I have opened enrollments for our 50 ways to analyze data course few days ago. The aim of this course is to make you an awesome analyst. This course teaches 50 powerful, relevant, practical and insightful analysis techniques in example driven methodology.

We will be closing the doors of this program at midnight, today – 11:59 PM, Pacific time, Friday, 18th of May, 2018.

I want to invite you to this program because I want you to be an awesome analyst.

Please click here and enroll today.

50 Ways, so many questions…?

If you have some doubts about this program, whether it is suitable to you, how it works, just read on.

1. Can I watch the lessons any time?  Is this course self-paced?
Yes, absolutely. You have 1 year to finish the course. You can watch the lessons, download examples & videos (yes, videos too), re-watch them and skip lessons, all as per your needs & available time.

2. What version of Excel is needed?
Latest version if possible. I am using Excel 2013 & 2016 to develop these lessons. So if you are using one of the newer versions of Excel, you will enjoy a lot. Most lessons will work well in Excel 2007 or above too.

For Mac Excel users: You need at least Excel 2011 for Mac. About 20% lessons & techniques involve practicing on a PC Excel. So make friends with a PC owner and get your Excel on.

3. Can I watch the lessons on my iPad /  tablet / phone?
Yes, absolutely. You can download the MP4 (video) file for each lesson and sync it to your tablet / iPad / phone.  You can also watch them online by logging in to our classroom from your tablet / iPad.

Note about Excel School: A majority of Excel School lessons can only be seen on a PC or Mac.

4. What level of Excel knowledge is required to join this course?
Take below test & count how many times you said YES.

  • I can write VLOOKUP, INDEX+MATCH formulas
  • I can create conditional formatting with formula conditions
  • I can create & format charts better
  • I can create pivot tables, use slicers & filtering features easily
  • I am familiar with how to bring external data in to Excel & clean it up
  • I am familiar with date formulas
  • I can use Excel productively (know some shortcuts, don’t scoff at ribbon very often)

If you said YES 4 or more times, you can go for 50 ways course.
Else please join Excel School + 50 Ways combination course for best results.

5. Do I get a completion certificate at the end?
Yes, you will receive a participation certificate at the end of this program.

6. I can’t join right now. I am busy with job / personal life / studies / other. When is the next batch?
This course will re-open for enrollment in October / November 2018. You can join us then if you are unable to enroll now.

7. I am not sure if this will work for me? Can I test this program?
Sure, just head over to

and watch demo lesson (scroll down and click on “Sample lesson” tab). Also this course comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like what you see, just ask us for a refund in first month and we will pay your money back. No questions asked.

More questions?
Please give me a call on +64 21 070 1136 or +1 206 792 9480. You can also email me at [email protected] I will be glad to help you choose the best course.

When will be the next batch of 50 ways course?

In October 2018.  I have a few exciting months ahead with re-doing Excel School lessons and creating more content for the blog. I will be interacting with current batch students of 50 ways program to figure out what new lessons to add to this course. If you don’t want to wait until October this year, then sign up now.

How much time I’ve got?

We are going to close the enrollment window at today midnight (11:59 PM, Pacific Time – Friday 18th of May, 2018)

So go ahead and join us before it’s too late.

Click here to sign-up.

Payment problems?!?

If you are having any payment problems… please visit the alternative payment link page and use another card gateway.

Thank you

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such generous support to this course. I am absolutely honored and thrilled that I can share my ideas, knowledge & passion with you to make you awesome at your work. Thank you.

PS: This is the fourth time I have opened the class and so far 900+ people have graduated from the program. I always get glowing reviews and testimonials from the alumni about how it has helped them get a promotion, work on challenging projects or impress their bosses. You could be next. Click here and sign up for the class today.