Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2022

Hello readers & fans,

On behalf of my family, our staff, volunteers & well-wishers, Let me wish you a very happy Christmas & prosperous new year 2022. Here is a small holiday card from HQ.

About this year’s card: (From left: Nishanth, Jo, Nakshu & Chandoo) We went to the beautiful Queenstown this October to celebrate my 40th (XL Birthday!!!) and took this picture just before a sunset. The kids are now taller than mum and as tall as me. We will be taking family pictures sitting down from now on, so that they don’t look like giants. ?

Thank you

2021 has been a very positive and inspiring year for me. I found a renewed sense of mission to learn, grow & share with the world. Even though I did not blog much this year, I have been very active on YouTube, building a community of Excel / Power BI learners. I want to take a minute to acknowledge some of the people & organizations that helped me this year.

  • You – for reading my articles, watching the videos or learning from a course. Thank you for making me your learning partner.
  • My family – for supporting & loving me all this while. My kids & Jo also played an important role in filming or giving feedback on my videos.
  • Microsoft – for creating Excel & Power BI.
  • YouTube – for providing an awesome platform to learn & share
  • My teachers – too many to name, but thanks for guiding and inspiring me. Some quick shout outs
  • Conference & events: This year I had the fortune of presenting virtually at many meetups and events. Special thanks to Vena Corp & Global Excel Summit.
  • My staff – Ravindra & Pothi for keeping the gears turning and helping me focus.
  • My customers – thanks to more than 1,200 people who bought a course, template, e-book or live cohort membership this year and supported me.
  • My Supporters – Thanks for more than 145 people who donated a superchat / supersticker during my YouTube live streams this year.
  • Our forum regulars & mods – thanks for taking time to help and share your knowledge.
  • Blog & channel friends – for recommending & sending people my way. Big thanks to Bill Jelen, Danielle, Ken Puls, Alan Murray, Sumit Bansal & Boriana for sharing a few tips on the channel
  • Software providers – for helping me run the site & channel. Big thanks to WordPress, Elementor, Stripe, E-junkie, PayPal, Wishlistmember, KnownHost, ConvertKit, Amazon, Gmail, Techsmith, EpidemicSound, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

This holidays…

We (Jo & I) are taking some time off the work and traveling with kids to South Island on a road trip. We will be visiting Christchurch & Kaikoura for 10 days. I will be sipping beer on the beaches or going for a swim between now & 4th of Jan.

Once again, I wish you a very happy Christmas & a prosperous New Year 2022.

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