There Was Definitely A Little BWE In Obama’s CBC Speech

CBC Week wraps up its annual (I don’t know what to call it as I don’t know what the parameters to critique it are anymore) week-long event after a fancy dinner/dance and speech from POTUS.  A political speech is always a political speech, however some truths can apply. Mr. Obama referenced his focus on programs like My Brother’s Keeper did in fact FAIL to address the needs of black girls. Those were conversations we had online and how his largest base (black women) were being shoved aside for everybody else again).

His reference to the way our pioneering African American women Civil Rights leaders were sidelined by the [publicity-stunting, self-serving] males has been an on-going topic of conversation on these very pages for several years now  and it’s rewarding to see the work of vast networks of BWE and BW-centric digital spaces continue to pay off in shaping the zeitgeist.

A few key quotes:

“Black women have been a part of every great movement in American history. Even if they weren’t always given a voice.”

“While boys face a school to prison pipeline, girls face a perhaps more sinister sexual abuse to prison pipeline.

My comment: What the boys face is done externally. What the girls face is often in their very homes.

“Putting a woman on a 10 dollar bill is a good idea – but let’s make sure women get paid the SAME dollars as men.”

Talk is cheap, baby. Now let’s see $100M++ programs set up FOR black women and girls specifically and only.